Hate Crime Reporting Centre

Where: CLASP office, Wokingham Methodist Church, Rose St, Wokingham*

When: Every Friday from 1pm to 3pm

The Hate Crime Reporting Centre was started by CLASP in January 2010. It is for people who have been victims of Hate Crime but do not feel happy to go to the police themselves.

If someone does something bad to you and you think it is because they see you as different, it is a Hate Crime. Click here for an easy read infomation sheet about Hate and Mate crime. 

We believe that this type of crime is under reported and we hope the Reporting Centre helps people to feel more confident about reporting incidents. Click here for an easy read infomation about where to report hate crime. The Hate Crime Reporting Centre is supported by Thames Valley Police and the Community Safety Team at Wokingham Borough Council.

You can also pop in to the Reporting Centre to find out more information about hate crime and how to stay safe in the community. CLASP also do a lot of work to raise awareness of hate crime, so please contact us if you would like to find our more or get involved in our campaign.

* If you can't get to the CLASP office at this time, then please phone us to arrange an appointment at a different time.

Lorna filling in Reporting Form

Filling in a reporting form at the Hate Crime Reporting Centre

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