Take Notice

Where: We meet in different locations around Wokingham,

Please contact us for details

When: Every Friday from 10am to 12 noon

Take Notice is our campaigning group.  The group started 15 years ago and work hard to make things better for people with learning disabilities in the local area.

  • Take Notice are currently running a campaign called Speak To Be Heard, where we are working to improve our speaking and presentation skills.
  • We have been singing with Sing Healthy Choirs in Wokingham. We started joining the choir during Learning Disability Week this year, celebrating the theme of friendship. The songs we have sung have all been about friendship, being there and supporting eachother. We have had various performances around town that have been very well attended and it's been such a positive and rewarding experience!
  • We have done a lot of work around raising awareness of hate crime. They have done workshops and presentations and helped to get our Hate Crime Reporting Centre set up.
  • We established Wokingham's Safer Places scheme - a sticker that goes in shop windows and businesses to let vulnerable people know that it is somewhere they can go if they feel unsafe. You can read more about the scheme HERE
  • We worked on a campaign called 'Travel Wise'. The aim of the campaign was to help people with learning disabilities stay safe and be more independent when out and about. The group looked at things like the problems people have with public transport and crossing busy roads around Wokingham. They also worked with PCSO Vicki Williams from Thames Valley Police to produce a Travel Wise booklet. This is a top tips guide about staying safe when out and about and using public transport. You can read it HERE. If you would like a paper copy or copies for your group, please get in touch.
  • We has just completed a project to celebrate CLASP's 10th birthday. The group thought it would be nice to give something back to the Wokingham community, as a thank you for supporting them over the years. So they have completed 10 good deeds that will benefit the local community. The group have done a charity collection at the Wokingham Mayfair, a huge garden clear-up at Oakfield Court, 2 litter picks, painted items for the new sensory garden at the Acorn Community Centre and lots more.  

If you think it is important to speak up for your rights and help to create positive change in the community, why don't you join Take Notice? You can read what our members think about the group HERE.

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